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When it is coupled with its decent damage output, it can function as a situational KOing option. During the game’s initial release, Shulk was quickly discovered to be very flawed, mostly due to his moveset being burdened with very sluggish frame data, his aerials being incapable of autocanceling throughout their animations, and the fact that some moves like his multi-hitting forward smash didn’t work properly or were simply undertuned. This, in turn, has allowed him to garner better results in recent times, with dedicated mains achieving top placings at a more consistent rate within their respective regions. Like his forward and up smashes, the first hit from the Monado’s blade is leads into the second hit from its beam blade. Using his up smash on Captain Falcon while activating the Smash Art. This eliminates his biggest weakness in Smash 4 , as his aerial landings were notoriously punishable. As a Fighter Spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic.

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Regardless, Shulk has an extremely high learning curve because of a combination of uncommonly sluggish attacks and very demanding techniques, as extensive knowledge of Monado Arts, reads and patient play are each required for him to thrive. Buster reduces his overall knockback, but increases his overall damage output, allowing him to rack up damage extremely quickly.

Each Art lasts for 21 seconds instead of While debatable, some sbulk like ZeRo nevertheless argued that Shulk should be ranked higher in the mid-tier. The move has considerable start-up hits on frame 18 and ending lag 37 framesmaking it punishable. This is referred to as the Monado Purge Combo. Shulk’s representation and results would then be largely stagnant for a time, largely because of his sluggish attacks being viewed as a significant issue smazh too inconsistent for high-level play.


With Jump active, a landing up aerial can chain directly into another up aerial, leading to a KO combo. Sorry, Rex and Pyra. Shulk is the only Xenoblade character we really need in Ultimate.

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It now connects consistently compared to the version in Smash 4and the first two hits can now jab sjulkthough its slim hitbox makes this difficult on most prone characters. Hits the opponent with the Monado’s pommel. Each spin quickly loses power, but the final spin has slightly more range.

A kneeling inward slash.

He can use his sword, the Monado, to shift between different arts altering his stats like speed, jumping, defense, and knockback or hsulk power. Due to these factors, Shulk’s representation and results at high-level play have been below-average throughout Smash 4′ s lifespan.

Shulk (SSBU)

The second hit is additionally stronger. However, it has very minimal horizontal range and each hit only lasts 2 frames, which can make it difficult to connect with, especially if Shulk has too much momentum. Hits the opponent with the Monado’s pommel. However, its first hit will not automatically edge smahs unless the special button is pressed when Shulk is right next to an edge, and the Jump or Smash Arts can cause the natural combo to whiff due to the additional vertical distance and higher knockback, respectively.

Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster, or Smash. The Buster Art grants the move good shield-pressuring potential.

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Shulk takes a small leap forward upon smazh, giving it slightly more range and allows him to jump over small projectiles. With his strengths and weakness ever-shifting, this makes it tough for enemies to form a consistent strategy against him. Finally, Smash drastically lowers his endurance, hinders his combo game, and makes his attacks the least damaging in the game.


This article is about Shulk’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. His sword, the Monado, allows him to switch between five modes—Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster and Smash—which change his abilities for a short time.

A decent edge-guarding option, it can also stage spike edge-hanging opponents. The first hit can also drag opponents offstage for a meteor smash if they are standing right next to a ledge.

The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Character Guide: Shulk –

However, it cannot grab edges once initiated, making it largely ineffective as a recovery move, and is a relatively slow attack, especially in regard to ending lag. Shield bolsters Shulk’s defensive game by reducing both damage and knockback received, which allows him to survive for a much longer period of time and resist getting trapped in combos. Crouches and spins to swing the Monado in a circle along the ground. The distance of the leap can be adjusted by holding left or right during the leap.

Shulk also boasts a powerful aerial moveset, shper plays a key role in his approach and spacing games. This allows him to recover from almost anywhere off-stage, edge-guard more aggressively and even perform several KO combos, such as a wall of pain leading to a sacrificial Air Slash at medium percentages.