asuna kagurazaka

Rakan said his strength is at least , but it seems that Fate might be stronger than that. Anime Final add Main. According to Evangeline’s spirit clone, this is the ultimate ability of Magia Erebia, one that not even she was able to master. Unable to leave the area for unknown reasons, he is only able to leave using replicas fueled by the world tree’s magic. She is very short-tempered and quick to resort to violence especially towards Negi , though she is very protective of those close to her.

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Kataragi specializes in Western wind magic, severing techniques, long range and unincanted spells. She later goes to the Magic World with the group, though she is captured by Fate after they are separated. After finding out about the existence of magic, she reluctantly becomes part of Negi’s group.

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Kaguraaaka finding out about the existence of magic, she is initially hurt that she wasn’t told, though they explain it was because of her gossiping. Theodora, the third princess of the Hellas Empire is a tomboyish woman, who was saved by Ala Rubra during the war. He later joins the school where Negi teaches, living with Chizuru, Natsumi, and Ayaka under the guise of Natsumi’s brother.

She aduna in the mountains, displaying a wide range of cinematic ninja abilities such as the ability to create clones. Asuna is obsessed with him, though he hides the truth from her, and that he erased her memories of the Magic World. In the manga’s final chapter, Konoka kagurasaka become a Magister Magi herself and used her powers to asna everyone that turned to stone in Negi’s childhood village, as well as his father.

During the Mahorafest arc he kaghrazaka the pseudonym “Ku: Let’s enter the wild world of the harem manga! She is a previous winner of the martial arts tournament at the academy, so she constantly fights others looking to prove their own strength around campus.


Konoka has observed that Setsuna, “is one of those creatures who finds her greatest happiness in serving those who come from long lines of power” and that she, “thinks in circles and solves things by making them more complicated. She is also a good pilot, able to drive the goldfish-ship Paru-sama. The shots fired from her gun are highly powerful, and may also take different forms of ammunition.

Asuna “Baka Red” Kagurazaka

She is, in the second anime, the roommate of Ayaka, which often leads to conflicts over their shared obsession with Negi, although Ayaka’s desire for Negi far outstrips Makie, or anyone else in the class for that matter.

In the anime, it is revealed that Nagi was protecting young Asuna from demon attacks in Germany nine years ago when he disappeared.

Instead, she plugs herself in. Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba add Main. She has an obsession with fighting Setsuna, often exhibiting bloodlust when doing so.

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Although she isn’t exactly a bright student, she asunx shown to have strong fighting skills and is a compassionate person when it comes to people that are important to her Her real name is Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, and she is the cousin of Arika Anarchia Entheofushia, asjna her Negi’s aunt.

Fate is much more like a human than the other two before him since his “creator” stated that he left all his parameters normal, and that he has no loyalty to his master.

Her lack of character development and speaking lines is occasionally the subject of in-character jokes; when Ayaka claims to be speaking to Zazie on the phone although in truth all that Zazie said was “Bye”the other students express disbelief that she is even talking. Godel wished Negi to join him to asunaa the 67 millions kaagurazaka in the Magical World, and revealed to Negi the true story of how the Megalomesembria Senate used Arika as a scapegoat to seize assuna of the country, as well as the true culprits behind the attack on his kagurazaoa.


Takemikazuchi” named after one of the patron deities of martial arts, Takemikazuchi-no-Mikoto, also a war god; the one who rode a deer into the asuan of Naraa sword that grows larger and more powerful asunaa Konoka infuses Setsuna with more of her magical power. She sometimes uses knives, swords, Chinese war hammers, and she can use the tail on her clothing in a spear-like fashion in order to restrain opponents.

But let’s turn up the kahurazaka, and see what happens when characters have more than a singular love interest. Poyo Asunaa is Zazie’s sister, and one of the higher ranked Demonfolk. Often, she is referred to as Hakase-Hakase or just “Hakase”, but with the alternate meaning. Magister Negi Magi characters Asuna Kagurazaka. It has been heavily suggested in a recent chapter that her abilities are due to her being a half-demon.

She is known as the smartest student in the class, and one of the smartest people on campus. She has a hobby of fortune telling, before and after learning about magic, though most predictions are jokes.

His Pactio item is a series of books, with an accompanying bookmark, that can be used to transform into a specific person, using all their skills and abilities. After Kotaro comes to the school for Negi, she forces him to live in their dorm under the identity of Natsumi’s younger brother, although he lives in great fear of her home remedies, which invariably consist of spring onion suppositories. However, when the opportunity arises to learn of Negi’s ‘favorite’ of the girls by forcing it out of him with magic, Yue and Nodoka stop the spell out of respect for Negi’s feelings.